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What Readers Say

“The Seventh Day’s intriguing premise and strong characters make you want to turn the page to see what happens next.”

Mark Russinovich – Author “Zero Day”

"The Seventh Day is an amazing book. It touches several subjects that are recognisable from other movies and books (Highlander, The Ninth Gate, The Swarm, The Day The Earth Stood Still, The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, and suchlike), but nowhere does it become a known or familiar story. That is a real strength! It keeps urging you on to read further, to dig deeper and to get to the core of these mysteries… It quickly becomes apparent that all these ‘happenings’ are intertwined and that there must be something huge going on."

--Thirza Karssen , The Netherlands.

"I really felt that the characters were real and each character was introduced in a way that was not overwhelming but more natural as you would learn about someone in real life.  The story evolved as you would normally expect but just when you get complacent and think you know what is going to happen next Andy throws in a unexpected twist that totally makes sense. This is a must read if you like history, geography, suspense, time travel or just a science or fantasy fiction novel."

--Mike Quinn, USA  

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The Author

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The Seventh Day: 

"Think Highlander meets The Da Vinci Code"

From a small eighteenth century Scottish village, comes the story of an ordinary man who makes a discovery so shocking that it will change the very foundation of life on Earth. Dougie Allan, a local silver miner, accidentally unearths a terrifying secret and is catapulted 300 years through time. Arriving in the modern world, amidst a backdrop of catastrophic natural disasters, Dougie must forge new alliances if he is to battle his unfolding nightmare.

Befriending a local man, Tom Duncan, and a feisty reporter, Kate Harding, they soon find themselves entangled with the authorities in a deadly race against time. However, they are not the only group interested in the mysterious goings on …

As a conspiracy unfolds, the trio find themselves pursued by a ruthless assassin. One who seems determined to stop at nothing to protect a secret so shocking that it lies at the very heart of world power itself. As humanity teeters on the brink of disaster and with time running out, Dougie must convince the authorities that a force of unimaginable power is preparing for Armageddon.

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The Speaker

Andy is a world renowned speaker and has been speaking on Technology & Security at large international conferences for over 10 years. 

A Microsoft MVP in Microsoft Azure  Security and a trainer for 20 years, Andy works closely with Microsoft to deliver ground breaking security & technology sessions at prestigious international conferences worldwide. Microsoft Ignite, Spiceworld, IT/Dev Connections and the Cybercrime Security Forum are just some of the events and speaks at.  

For 2017 Andy is set to deliver content in the US, Canada, Bosina, UAE, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland & Norway, just to name a few.

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The Trainer

A Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 20 years, Andy delivers engaging & immersive content to Security & IT Professionals worldwide.

Based in the UK, Andy Malone is a popular trainer, security consultant and international event speaker with over 20 years’ experience. Andy has developed and delivered ground breaking content to financial, government and military customers worldwide. His energy and passionate delivery style have become his trademark ...

Andy currently specialises in Office 365, Security & Identity, Windows Server and Microsoft Azure

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